The Riverdale Rag #002 – We On That Jingle-Jangle

Archie and the gang are back for Season 2, and so is our guest Mookie, aka @jugheadjonesing (on Twitter)! You’ll want to hear our recap, especially Mookie’s theory about the wedding party seating arrangements. We discuss magical Negroes, whether KJ Apa is “melanin rich” this season, continuity errors and more. Join the conversation on Twitter and tweet us @RiverdaleRag.

Stray Observations

  • Can Pop Tate get trauma leave? This man had a gun pointed at him, watched another man get shoot, his livelihood become a crime scene, and has been questioned by police, but he hasn’t even been home yet? AND he shows up at the hospital waiting room with food for everyone? Won’t someone think of Pop’s wellbeing?

  • Will Veronica ever address the fact that Betty was Archie’s first call in an emergency, not her or Jughead?

Show Notes

The Riverdale Rag #001 – New Podcast, Who Dis?

It’s a new season and a new podcast! Cecily and Chanda discuss the new podcast, our plans for growth, some Riverdale news and what we hope to see next season. We also talk a lot about Charles Melton and digress a bit while talking about the BBC One show Doctor Foster. Join the conversation on Twitter and tweet us @RiverdaleRag.

Show Notes

KJ Apa in car crash leaving the set of Riverdale
Audrey Mok is new Archie lead artist
First look at Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge
Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques
Nick St. Clair on the Riverdale Fan Wiki
Charles Melton’s Instagram