Cecily and Chanda got their start last year when the Producer of the Brothascomics Pretty Little Riverdale Podcast approached them to co-host. This year they’re breaking out on their own with The Riverdale Rag!

Cecily remains unimpressed Cecily is a librarian who lives in Vancouver, BC (the city where Riverdale is filmed). She’s a casual anime fan, a casual Doctor Who fan, and a rabid Friday Night Lights fan. The Riverdale Rag is the first podcast she’s co-hosted, but she’s been a guest host on Pod4Ham, S.S. Librarianship and Circulating Ideas.

Chanda isn't sure she likes the cut of your jibChanda lives in Pennsylvania with her family. She shares a long-time love of Archie comics with her two boys. Her first cosplay was as Betty Cooper in middle school. Chanda enjoys shopping, quality chocolate, and all things British. She co-hosts the Unmasked podcast along with the Riverdale Rag.