Cecily and Chanda got their start last year when the Producer of the Brothascomics Pretty Little Riverdale Podcast approached them to co-host. This year they’re breaking out on their own with The Riverdale Rag!

Cecily remains unimpressed Cecily is a librarian who lives in Vancouver, BC (the city where Riverdale is filmed). She’s a casual anime fan, a casual Doctor Who fan, and a rabid Friday Night Lights fan. The Riverdale Rag is the first podcast she’s co-hosted, but she’s been a guest host on Pod4Ham, S.S. Librarianship, Circulating Ideas, and the Pop This! podcast.

Chanda isn't sure she likes the cut of your jibChanda lives in Pennsylvania with her family. She shares a long-time love of Archie comics with her two boys. Her first cosplay was as Betty Cooper in middle school. Chanda enjoys shopping, quality chocolate, and all things British. She co-hosts the Unmasked podcast along with the Riverdale Rag.