The Riverdale Rag #024 – Those Summer Nights

Archie and the gang are back from the hiatus but are faced with Archie’s impending incarceration, Betty’s unexplained seizures, and a new game that’s a real killer. Remember, we’re recording Double Digests this season, so you’ll have a new episode every other week this season.

Stray Observations

K.J. Apa looking a lot like a young Luke Perry
K.J. Apa looking a lot like a young Luke Perry
  • Is there something literally in the water in Riverdale that causes seizures and other weird behaviours? What’s behind the “No Swimming After Labor Day” sign at the swimming hole?
  • Are this season’s Big Bad demons or witches?
  • Ben Button’s “You’ll fly too” hearkens back to Pennywise the clown and Stephen King’s It.
  • Riverdale does its best to make it seem like the pop-culture callbacks that are sprinkled throughout each episode are accidents, but nothing is ever accidental in Riverdale.


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Music Credits

Intro/Outro – Good Morning by LAKEY INSPIRED · Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 · Music provided by Music for Creators

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