The Riverdale Rag #013 – Sex, Lies, and Videocams

I don’t want to say that Cecily and Chanda were bored of this episode, but just like Archie Andrews’ grade point average, it rarely rose above a C+. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because we care about each other, and we care about you, the listeners. This week we talk about Riverdale’s Mafia connections, Betty’s debut as a camgirl, and the never-ending saga of how this show both facinates us and disappoints us every week. Plus news, gossip, and all the great conversation you’ve come to expect from your hosts. Read on for the show notes!

Stray Observations

  • I think it’s safe to say we’ve reached the part of the season that feels like that long slog before summer vacation. We’re paying attention, but only half-heartedly because we’ve already been accepted to our top choice school, and all of our safety schools.

Show Notes

The Wicked + The Divine is a contemporary fantasy comic book series created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, and published by Image Comics. The series is largely influenced by pop music and various mythological deities, and includes the themes of life and death in the story.

The narrative follows a young teenage girl, Laura, as she interacts with the Pantheon, a group of twelve people who discover that they are reincarnated deities. This discovery grants them fame and supernatural powers, with the stipulation that they will die within two years – part of a ninety-year cycle known as the Recurrence.

The Wicked + The Divine has received positive reviews, and was the winner of Best Comic at the 2014 British Comic Awards. It has also been noted for its diverse portrayal of ethnicity, sexuality and gender social roles. A television adaptation will be coming soon. (from Wikipedia)

This week’s episode was directed by Rachel Talalay, a British-American director who is best known for the film Tank Girl, as well as some of the most highly regarded episodes of Doctor Who, including “Heaven Sent”, “Hell Bent”, and “World Enough and Time1

News Items

Cast in Other Roles

Check out Cecily on the most recent episode of the Bellwether Friends episode where she, Anna and Alene talk about their history with pens — yes, pens for 90 minutes. Life isnt’ a sprint, it’s a marathon.

  1. Note: Never ask Cecily about this episode. NEVER.

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